"St. George Ribbon" campaign

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On April 24 the campaign of "St. George Ribbon" stars. From 09:00 till 18:00, everyone can get a ribbon from the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, 36 Merchants Street, Valletta.
"St. George Ribbon" is a public campaign devoted to celebration of the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War. The campaign is held since 2005 by the initiative of the "RIA Novosti" and ROOSPM "Student Community".
The event has become tradition and is held annually since then. In 2008, St. George ribbons were distributed in more than 30 countries. More than 50 million ribbons were distributed worldwide for 6 years of the campaign. The list of countries in which the campaign is most active: Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, France, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, UK, USA, Germany, China, Vietnam, Belgium, Afghanistan, and Moldova, and Belarus.