Russian Film Week in Malta

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On 4th October 2017 an event with the film-director and the producer of the movie "Big Village Lights" Ilya Uchitel and Philipp Pastukhov was held in the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Malta. 

The event was dedicated to an official opening of Russian Film Week in Valletta.

Representatives of Malta Film Commission, compatriots and the creators of other films presented in Malta during Russian Film Week attended the event. Philip Pastukhov, the producer of the movie "Big Village Lights" said that they never expected to have an international audience. The idea of the film was to reveal Russian character. This was shown with the help of a Russian provincial background and creators hoped it would open Russian spirit to the foreign spectators. 

It is Philip Pastukhov’s first visit in Malta and Ilya Uchitel’s second. Ilya has visited Malta's English camp being a 12 years old teenager and kept the warmest memories till nowadays. 

The RCSC is always happy to host visitors and organise high-level meetings. Guests of the evening also appreciated the delicious Russian treats.

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Guests of the event