Opening of Music Lectures at RCSC

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On October 11, 2016 the first in the series of Russian-Maltese music lectures for children of compatriots were held at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture. The event was organised by the International Art School-Studio in Malta and Educational Centre "Rainbow" with the support of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture.

The first lecture "What Music Consists of?" was devoted to the musical means of expression. 

The participants of the lectures were not only highly qualified Russian and Maltese teachers and musicians, who performed solo and in duets, but also the students of IASS.

The evening was accompanied by a vivid presentation that allowed guests to capture information not only aurally, but also visually, and children actively answered questions of the host.

The parents emphasize the importance of organising such interactive events for children, where rather complicated things are explained in simple and interesting way.
By organisers’ agreement lectures will be held at the RCSC on a monthly basis during the school year.