Screening of the film "To Remember. Nuremberg: 70 years later."

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On February 26, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Valletta hosted a screening of the film "To Remember. Nuremberg: 70 years later." The picture was presented by its author Alexander Zvyagintsev.

A.Zvyagintsev devoted his life to jurisprudence, but is widely known in Russia and abroad not only as a servant of Themis, but also as a writer and historian. A documentary about the most important litigation in the history of mankind is based on his book, based on rare archival documents, inaccessible sources, the latest research, as well as memoirs of contemporaries and direct participants of this unique historical event.
The film tells of a real battle with Nazism, which unfolded in Hall No. 600 of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, where the leaders of the Third Reich were tried. The International Military Tribunal, having conducted more than 400 hearings, pronounced guilty verdict on the main war criminals and recognized aggression as the gravest international crime.

Watching the film aroused a lot of questions from the audience about the film-participants in the process, the allies of the USSR and its opponents, schoolchildren and adults asked questions, so watching the movie turned into a live lecture and communication with the guest of the RCSC. Alexander Zvyagintsev answered in great detail which was accessible even for young spectators.

The compatriots dispersed under the great impression of the evening and later shared it in the social networks of the Russian-speaking comunity in Malta. The Russian Center for Science and Culture in Malta thanks A.Zvyagintsev for the meeting and the knowledge gained within the framework of the event.