PHOTODIPLOMACY-2018: "Children of the World"

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From the beginning of the 19th century, photography as a means of displaying the surrounding reality with the help of technical means quickly conquered the world and found its place not only among such traditional means of artistic knowledge as graphics or painting, but (due to its documentary nature) turned into a powerful means of informing society, as well as propaganda and agitation.
In 2018, we celebrate two dates directly associated with the public use of photography: 160 years anniversary of the first in the world of photo exhibitions (London, 1858) and the 130th anniversary of the first photographic exhibition in Russia (St. Petersburg, 1888). These jubilee events are a good reason for the start of the project under the code name "Photodiplomacy". Its main goal is to expand and strengthen the methods of people's diplomacy through photography to strengthen peace, respect and mutual understanding between the multinational Russian people and the peoples of other countries on all continents.
A mass photography enthusiast in the 21st century, along with an obvious technical revolution in the field of receiving, processing and transferring a photographic image using information and computer technologies make it possible to make this project global, covering all continents and being realized without significant material costs.
The initiator of the project is the Russian non-profit organization PITFOND, in cooperation with the Russian Peace Foundation, with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo and other interested structures (including UNESCO and relevant creative associations and unions) to implement in 2018 the first project from the cycle Photodiplomacy - Children of the World.
Its main events will be timed to coincide with the International Children's Day (June 1). The project itself is implemented within the framework of the Decade of Childhood (announced by the President of the Russian Federation, 2017) and is intended to emphasize our responsibility to the new generation of earthlings, to whom we are obliged to leave our common home-the planet Earth-to save it from destructive wars, criminal violence, unacceptable discrimination, destruction of habitat. This project is proposed to be carried out with the support of UNICEF and relevant Russian state and public structures.
The project is based on a global photo contest, as well as a series of exhibitions covering all continents and a number of related events. The selection of photographic works (at least a thousand) will take place between February and April. Exhibitions (at least 30) will open simultaneously on all continents (abroad - mainly on the basis of the RCSC) in the period May 28 - June 1 and will work for 10-15 days.
The main events within the framework of Photodiplomacy-2018 are proposed to be held in Moscow (on May 28, on the basis of the Russian Peace Foundation - the official presentation of the project) and in St. Petersburg (June 1, the venue of the first Russian photo exhibition). The St. Petersburg event should be complemented by a profile international conference, the announcement of the results of the competition, the awarding of winners, a concert with the participation of children's groups and a protocol event.
During the contest, a special website is launched in Russian, English and French, by May and by the results of the competition (by July) it is planned to issue two European club magazines (Russian / English). Activities within the framework of Photodiplomacy-2018 are also supposed to be covered on the websites of partner organizations and in the media.