Musical Lecture "The Circle of Musical Interests of Mikhail Lermontov"

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On April 11, the State Lermontov Museum "Tarkhany" together with the Russian Centre for Science and Culture and the Malta School of Music held a musical lecture "The Circle of Musical Interests of Mikhail Lermontov".

Specialists of the museum introduced compatriots and foreign listeners closer with the work of the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. They talked about his childhood and adolescent years, that he spent at the Tarkhany estate, and about popular music of the 19th century and how could it influence the creativity of the young poet.

For the first time the audience listened the translations of poems "Star" and "Sail" in Maltese. The translations were made by the Russian-Maltese poetess and philologist Yana Psaila.

The main element of the program was a concert of music school students who specially prepared and performed songs in Russian, including songs with lyrics by Mikhail Lermontov.

In addition, two exhibitions "Tarkhany in the XXI Century" and "Lermontov-Artist" were presented at the Malta School of Music.

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