Graduation party of the Russian language courses students in RCSC

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On June 21, the graduation party of the young students of the Russian language courses was held at the RCSC in Malta.

The party opened with a drama performance of the "Masha and Bear" tale. The young actors were 6-year-old Ivan Scicluna, Anton Micali and Margaret Fenech.

The children said the poems "Alphabet", "I speak Russian", "How good it is to know how to read" etc.

Cherubin Borg made a presentation and told everyone about her trip to St. Petersburg where she attended an event titled "Reading the Siege of Leningrad book".

The party ended with a delicious buffet and Russian songs. Lena Tirazona’s dad, the Maltese singer Roger Tirazona, sang "Moscow nights" to everyone's delight. Then  the guests sang the beloved "Katyusha" all together.

Uliana Redondo treated everyone with the delicious cake.

‘See you!’ said children and wished each other a fantastic summer vacation.

See you back in class the next scholastic year!