A documentary about the prominent Russian architect Nikolai Krasnov was released in Moscow

On April 29, 2019 the House of Russians Abroad named after ALexander Solzhenitsyn (Moscow) hosted a premiere of Alexei Burykin’s documentary. The film tells about the fate of Nikolai Krasnov, the famous Russian architect.

A hundred years ago Krasnov, who designed Livadia Palace, a summer retreat of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, had to leave Bolshevik Russia and start a new life in Belgrade at the age of 55. In all, Krasnov designed over 100 various buildings throughout his career.

In 1919–1922 Krasnov lived in Malta, where he painted a few dozens of watercolors.  

Alexey Burykin’s documentary is a first large-scale production about this famous Russian architect. While working on the film, the production team of "Bethsaida" film studio and "The Russian way" film studio visited Crimea, Moscow, Valletta and Belgrade.

The production was supported by the Ministry for culture of the Russian Federation, Embassy of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Serbia, "Russians in the Balkans" project, the Serbian branch of the International public foundation "United Orthodox nations", Association "Svetosavsko unity", Russian Center for Science and Culture in Malta and others.