I am Composer

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December 21, 2016 New Year's Piano Concert "I am Composer" was held at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture. This unique event was held in Malta for the first time. The students of the International School-Studio of Arts performed not only musical pieces of Russian and foreign composers, but also their own pieces. Children learnt how to express their own world in music. They created their own stories not only with the help music, but also with pictures they drew and creative Lego constructions.

During the first semester students learnt to compose music and write it, not only on paper, but with the help of a computer program "Music Editor". The host of the event - teacher and composer Kristina Golubeva, before each student's performance, recited annotation to the composed melody, which further helped the audience to enter the world of the young composers.

Slides with picture were shown during the whole concert , which сreated the right mood for each musical piece. After the concert children received Christmas gifts with useful things for musical training and a booklet, specially created for this project, that included a biography, photo and description of the composition of each student.  This was a memorable event in the creative life of young musicians.

The special guest of the program was a 11-year-old Dmitry Ishkhanov who brilliantly performed "Waltz" of Rachmaninoff. It was a great opportunity for children to listen to and interact with a professional musician of their age.

The event was supported by Russian Center for Science and Culture and European Foundation of Support of Cultural. Organiser: International School-Studio of Arts in Malta.

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Student of International School-Studio of Arts in Malta
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Drawings of children